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Hi! Its been a really long time since I put up a blog entry oopsies ~ I have so many projects and memories! I meant to make a post closer to when I got back, but I got to travel and go on a lil vacation to Anime Central back in May! It was my second year going, and I had so much fun :) I really look forward to it all year lol - Highlights include: competing in my first esports tournament, D&D improv comedy show (I went to both nights, SO much fun!) and meeting Anne Yatco & Cassandra Lee Morris! ~ After ACen, it was back to normal for a while, taking a lil break after such a big trip, but now I'm up and participating in Art Fight this year! There's a brand-new button on my page for it, I've posted a few attacks already, and I've been having so so much fun :) If you see this and want some art, message me on the artfight site! :) ~ other news and general maintenance, it just hit me the other day I've had this site for over a year now LOL - wow!!!! I really think my coding's gotten better and I've learned a lot! ~ I am also sick right now lol (no covid thankfully!) so I've been spending a lot of time drawing and in front of my 'puter - it would be my luck that during summer when it's nice to go outside I'm stuck home sneezing and wheezing lol ~ I think that's about it for right now! much love, see ya next time I post! lol <3


How has it been a month already??? Goodness, I had a busy August! I was very lucky and was able to have someone very special fly out and visit me for a long weekend :) I also did my very first cosplay! I was a korok (from botw/totk). It was a really lovely experience, going to an event and being recognized by my cosplay, and people coming up and asking for pictures! I had been to cons/fan events before, but never in cosplay, and it was a really nice time being able to engage with people as a cosplayer myself now :) The outfit was mostly thrifted/closet cosplay, but I did completely hand-make my korok mask/headpiece! It took about a full afternoon to make. I used foam board, acrylic paints, artificial moss, and a hard-plastic headband to make the full piece (pictures to follow! I just don't have any ready right now lol). Site maintenance and webmaster news: I added a bit more to the About Me page, adding some of those very early 00's quiz result badges. All of them should be clickable links that will take you back to the quizzes, if you want to take them too! Also, for future reference, I think my next project is making a dedicated change-log, so this will become more of just a blog and thoughts section, and then the change log will only be for documenting changes and updates to the actual site. I plan on keeping track of the dates of any changes between now and when I actually get the change log up, so there shouldn't be a gap in the records!


Maintenance check! Rotated out some seasonal blinkies, and joined my first web-ring! I'm now a member of the self-insert web-ring, I put the badge right on the main page lol (it might end up moving to the about me page once that's ready). Also worked on the about me page, though it's not quite done and linked just yet, and started consolidating/organizing some links for an eventual resources/directory page I want to make!


more maintenance! Added the marquee of buttons and blinkies to the main page.


More site maintenance today! I added a 150 x 20 blinkie (thank you AND learned how to add a box with copyable text so that people can copy the html and add my button to their sites :) Also, email information has been added to the bottom of the main page!

Active projects include: Working on and eventually linking my about me page to the button on the front page (I did not realize how much thinking goes into making an about page!) - Collecting all of my art that I would like to put on the gallery page - Collecting all of the blinkies/buttons/links for other web revival sites I want to link to, I've been keeping a running list in just a notes file, but most sites have an actual button/link, and I love seeing button walls with all kinds of sites, so I want to make one of those for this site too - Making more graphics/blinkies/buttons in different sizes, and making the code so they can be linked, I know some people only do certain button sizes so I want to make different options! - Continuing to work on my art/writing/creative portfolio so I have more to add to this site over time :)


Site maintenance: added some blinkies and general design elements to the front page.

It has been.... a day. Some of those things are good! and other of those things are not so good :( The not so good things are thankfully pretty much resolved, but just thinking about it in general, remember to take care of yourselves, y'all. Take the time to really take care of yourself and do what you need to do, to keep yourself sane and happy. Neocities has some sweet and fun sites about mental health and self-care, and I like to check some of those out too. I for one am a big fan of tactile self care, stuff like taking a long, hot bath, and getting a manicure. I've found that taking care of the outside of me, helps me take care of the inside of me haha. I've been working on a lot more art lately, both digital art and taking the time to practice drawing and painting, and then also reaching out to new mediums. I've been working on an idea for a statue/interactive art piece recently, with an element of robotics and coding as well! I want to create something semi-interactive, and something that responds to visual and auditory cues. I've been fascinated by the DIY element of coding and building your own projects lately. I'm not sure what prompted it, but I've been craving to make things with my hands, to manipulate the world around me, that kind of thing, even with the aid of technology and those kinds of things.


Hi!!! It's been a minute, hasn't it? I always have a very busy May, so I had my hands full for a while, but thankfully it was all lovely! Housekeeping notes: I fixed most of the links to open in the same window, because I realized the way I had them coded, every single button opened a new tab, and that resulted in very quickly ending up with 6+ tabs open if you do anything on this site lol. Now, the only links that open in a new window are external links, so you still have my homepage open (stuff like my Ao3, twitter, guestbook, etc).


Hello hello! We're here with a new month; can y'all believe it's april already?!? I barely can. 0_0... Fun things are in the works, I've been working more on my art portfolio, and hopefully soon I can have some of it up on this site. Also, as a Resident Gamer; have y'all seen the new overwatch support hero that got announced today?!? I'm so hype!!! he looks like so much fun!!! Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but good job blizzard for having Southeast Asian AND Queer representation (he is Thai and Pansexual :). I'm literally counting down the days until the new season starts lol, I'm a support main and I can't wait to try out his kit!


Hello hello, it's been a minute since an update! Unfortunately, a combination of real-life responsibilities and internet connectivity issues over the past few weeks has slowed down my progress on this site. That being said, I've still been reading and learning about web 1.0, and getting inspiration for this site and future projects 0__0. Hopefully both the life stuff and the internet stuff gets resolved soon, and I can keep working on adding to the existing pages and adding new pages to the site. :)


Standard/default cursor has been updated to the inuyasha cursor on all pages currently up :)


We have a blog & updates page now! Woo!! In addition to this, the BYF/DNI and the Manifesto buttons also work correctly now, and don't just lead to a 404/dead end page! I also got all the alt text for the main buttons corrected so the right description matches the right button.

There's still a lot that needs to get done: I need to build/link the about me page, build/link the art gallery page, write in alt text for all the little gifs/blinkies/decorative bits and bobs all over the site, and set up both the resources page/button and the links page/button.

I want to make two separate pages eventually, one to link all the lovely resources and help pages made by fellow neocities sites that helped me get off the ground and make this, as well as have just a separate links page for other sites/things I think are cool/interesting.

I also definintely need to look into connecting with some other webmasters and getting listed on some webrings/directories, those seem like a lot of fun!

Hopefully I'll have all of that up and running soon, and with minimal technical difficulties, lol.