Manifesto v1.1

Access to information is an intrinsic human right. No one should be limited or denied access to information because of their background, gender, sexual orientation, economic class, religion, or otherwise.

An open internet is a free internet. Information should be made as accessible as possible, with as few barriers for entry as possible. Paywalls, NFTs, etc, are the antithesis of a free and open internet, and are to be rejected.

Humanity is, at its core, intrinsically good. We are people have a duty to contribute to the collective good of each other and our planet. How each one of us answers that duty is our choice alone.

Consent and individual autonomy are cornerstones of a free collective. We must all respect the autonomy of each other, and swiftly correct those who do not.

As humans, we are each equal to each other. Regardless of merit, background, or any other factors, everyone is entitled to dignity and basic respect.

Critical thinking is one of, if not the most important skill of the internet age. In order to make informed decisions for the future of our existence, it is imperative that we use logic, intelligence, and empathy in their fullest capabilities.

Historical preservation is an existential imperative. Our art, writing, design, thoughts, hopes, prayers, dreams, fears, and creations deserve to be preserved for those who come after us. As we try to understand those who came before us, so too will those who come after, and we shall tell them our stories.

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